Welcome to the coast.

Why coast communication? Something new starts at the coast. Same with us: new concepts, stories and strategies, looks and designs for clients from different areas of business, implemented in multiple channels - publishing, pr, advertising, offline, online. You just have better ideas at the coast. 

LATEST 12.11.2013

LUMIX G App 3.0

Our LUMIX G tablet app has been downloaded more than 25.000 times from all over Europe up to now. Thats a good...

LATEST 12.11.2013

Cast off!

New website, new design, new imaging: coast is responsible for concept and look of the new ferry services ...

LATEST 11.09.2012

Panasonic @ IFA

Also this year, coast was in charge of creating the out-of-home communication for Panasonic at the IFA.


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